Can Christians “Confront” without Condemning or Condoning?

By Darryl Izzard

Although we have many new ways to reach the world with the Gospel, we have been unable to cleanse our culture of its evil, demonic vices. In fact, it seems that worldly corruption has increased and even crept its way right into our pews and pulpits causing many of the faithful to turn away.

“We must seek to engage our culture on the basis of love and not from a place of offence,” explains Bishop Michael Pitts, pastor of Cornerstone Church, Toledo, OH and contributor to this month\’s Gospel Today.

The Word of God is the final authority without question or error. To effectively impact the lives of those in need of deliverance that live in our space, we must intentionally contextualize the timeless truth of the Word and make it relevant to today\’s culture.

Additionally, it is important that we depend on the Holy Spirit working through us, helping us to DO the will of God daily. In turn, others may see Christ in us and be changed!

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