25 Year Appreciation Service Saluting Dr. Teresa Hairston

25 years ago, Teresa Hairston stepped into the Gospel music industry as a songwriter/arranger. After writing for artists including Albertina Walker, Georgia Mass Choir, Bishop Jeff Bans/Revival Temple Choir, she took her gifts and talents into the marketing arena, first at Savoy Records and then to Benson Records. During her tenure at Savoy, Hairston began a four-page newsletter call SCORE. At the time, she was a divorced mother with three children; and she was working tow jobs. She managed to put together $300.00 to start SCORE, and many predicted that she would fail, but God saw her through, and 22 years later, SCORE is now Gospel Today magazine – the #1 Christian Lifestyle Magazine in the world! Adding to that legacy, Hairston founded the Gospel Heritage Foundation in 1996. Now, 15 years later, Heritage is blessing ministries, pastors and artist with its dynamic teaching, preaching, praise and worship offerings.

Join us at the Gospel Heritage Praise and Worship Conference February 17-19, 2011 at the Potter\’s House in Jacksonville, FL. You will enjoy great teaching, preaching and worship. You will also be blessed as we give honor to whom honor is due.

Appreciation Service
Keynote Speaker: Pastor Sheryl Brady
Guest Psalmist: “To be announced!”

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