Gospel Heritage Conference Elevates through Education

By Darryl Izzard
Since it\’s inception the Gospel Heritage Foundation\’s annual Praise and Worship Conference has always been the international gathering for worshipers who seek to experience authentic worship that transforms lives. This year\’s conference builds upon that foundation with an entirely new format designed to examine the personal and corporate aspects of worship helping individual pastors, ministers and music ministry personnel enhance and improve their effectiveness while impacting their members and the communities they serve.

“Education is the key component,” explains Dr. Teresa Hairston, conference founder and gospel music industry pioneer. Hairston underscores that Heritage is dedicated to the mandate to educate attendees holistically from various perspectives about worship. Gospel Heritage is that place to experience an amazing encounter in the presence of God lead by some of the nations most anointed preachers, teachers and worship leaders. Moreover, conference delegates leave with a better understand of their calling, purpose and God-given assignments along with practical tools to implement when they return home.

The 2011 Gospel Heritage Praise and Worship conference will be held February 17-19, in Jacksonville, FL (www.gospelheritage.org) led by Dr. John Guns, Dean of Gospel Heritage Foundation. Speakers for the conference will include: Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Dr. Lance Watson, Bishop Derek Tripplett, Dr. Nolan Williams, Dr. Judy McAllister, Minister Stephen Hurd, Minister Trent Von Lee and others. Plus there will be a special Boot Camp for artists led by Bishop Hezekiah Walker that will focus on how the Gospel Industry must adjust to change lives.

The conference begins at 9 a.m. Thursday and concludes Saturday at noon. All sessions will be held at the Potter\’s House, Jacksonville, FL (Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, host pastor).

Gospel Heritage is committed to offering you dynamic seminars, showcases and classes that will help you know what to do, why, how and when it should be done while carrying out your ministry.

Here\’s what you can expect:
1. Personal Focus. How do YOU as a minister prepare yourself to change lives? On Thursday, February 17, our general session and seminars will examine the personal role and responsibility of today\’s ministers in light of the assignment to change lives.

2. Corporate Focus. How do we change lives, from a corporate perspective? On Friday, February 19, our morning session and seminars will explore the corporate opportunity to impact lives through worship.

3. Gospel Industry Focus. How does the Gospel Industry change lives? On Saturday, February 19, our morning session will focus on artists, musicians and those involved in the Gospel Industry.

Classes are always engaging, enlightening and interactive. Sessions will be lead by only the best instructors from across the country. You will leave this year inspired to change lives.

It promises to be the best one ever! Log on to Gospel Heritage today and register!