Pastor Mandates His Church Leaders Get Off Facebook

By Darryl Izzard

What was once a website created exclusively for students of Harvard University has become the ultimate social staple of our era. Facebook has come so far that it is rare to meet anyone these days who has not succumbed to making their own profile. While there are obvious benefits to the ease of communication Facebook provides, it is important to take into consideration that this kind of fingertip access to just about anyone has its downsides as well.

To protect his team from the downside, a New Jersey pastor told his married church leaders to cancel their Facebook accounts or they would need to resign.

The Rev. Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, N.J., issued the mandate because he\’s been counseling couples that have had problems because one spouse reconnected with an old love interest through Facebook. Miller said that 20 couples at his church have experienced problems because of misuse of the social media site. (Audrey Barrick, Charisma)

“What happens is someone from yesterday surfaces, it leads to conversations and there have been physical meet-ups. The temptation is just too great,” Miller told the Associated Press.

Miller gave church staff until last Sunday to delete their accounts. He also warned the entire church about the dangers of Facebook, but the mandate to delete accounts did not apply to the congregation. Miller planned to delete his account last weekend.

Miller knows that some people will think his actions are too controlling. But he is simply more concerned about saving families and marriages, he told the Asbury Park Press.



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