Advantages and Disadvantages of Viva Video Apk

We are all out on the search to find the most efficient video editing and slide show making app in the app market. One of the top most apps ranked by google for video editing and slide show making is the viva video app. This app is available over the android app market as well as the iOS app store for free. Users can download this app over all their devices and use all the wonderful features and enjoy the benefits of the viva video app. After a lot of searching, we have learnt that the viva video app can also be downloaded on your PC, Laptop as well as Mac. This means that you can enjoy the viva video app over all the platforms and devices!

We will first tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the viva video app:

Advantages of Viva Video:

  • You can download it for free
  • It has a built in HD camera which you can use to click pictures and shoot videos
  • You can edit different frames within one video
  • You can add subtitles, transitions, effects, filters, stickers, text boxes, themes and many such exciting features on your photos, videos and slide shows
  • Add exciting filters and effects on your photos and videos
  • The viva video app allows you to create professional looking movies and videos
  • You can share your videos and edits with the vivavideo community with over 200 million other users
  • Merge, trim, and crop different videos and make video montages with back ground music and effects and transitions
  • You can not only use the effects provided by viva video, but you can also download hundreds of other themes, stickers, effects and filters to create your very own unique edits
  • You can share your newest work on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Vine, Vimeo, Twitter and many such social media apps with the simple click of a button.
  • It has a simple user interface which allows even novice users to use the app easily and effectively

Disadvantages of Viva Video:

  • The free version of the viva video app has less features than the viva video pro version or the paid version of viva video.
  • You cannot alter the resolution of videos on the viva video app
  • You also cannot remove the viva video water mark from your pictures, videos or movies.
  • Downloading themes, stickers, effects and filters on the viva video app may take up more memory and space on your device

The Viva Video app has already been downloaded by over 200 million users. This can give us an idea about the immense popularity of the app over all platforms. One of the most advantageous things is that the app can be downloaded over all android devices, iOS devices as well as PC, Mac and laptops

Here is how you can download the Viva Video app on your android devices:

  1. Visit the Play Store of your android device (smart phone, tab, etc.)
  2. Search for Viva Video app
  3. Click on download and allow the app the install on your phone
  4. Click on the icon once it has completely installed and use Viva Video on your android devices

How to download Viva Video app on your iOS device: (iPhone, iPad)

  1. Visit the app store
  2. Search for viva video app
  3. Click on install and let the app install on your iOS device

Enjoy the benefits of Viva Video over all your devices!