How you can Download Geometry Dash for iOS (iphone)

Geometry dash is a fun, exciting and challenging game which was developed in the year 2014 for Android users. Due to its immense popularity, in the year 2016, it got its release over iOS markets as well. However, the iOS version of Geometry Dash was a paid version. Even so, millions of users have downloaded Geometry Dash for iOS on their devices to enjoy the challenging gameplay of this addictive game. Geometry dash is a fast paced, user friendly game with many challenges which the player needs to accomplish. The player will then receive points, awards and achievements as he goes through more and more levels.

How can you download Geometry Dash for iOS? :

You will require an iOS device such as your iPhone, iPad or Mac. A stable internet connection is also required to download and play geometry dash for iOS.

Now, go on your App Store and search for the game Geometry Dash unblocked  for iOS. You will be required to purchase the game from the app store. Verify your Apple id and password and click on purchase.

Wait for the game geometry dash to completely finish downloading on your iOS device.

You are now ready to play Geometry Dash for iOS!

The original version of Geometry Dash comes with an exciting 20 levels which you can play and conquer. You can play any level at any time, in any order. The character you will be playing in the game can be customized as much as you wish. Fly, dance, hop and run though the different obstacles and challenges as you reach a new high score and move on to the next level. Each level has its own set of challenges and back ground music. No two levels will look the same, so you can expect a new experience each and every time you play on Geometry Dash for iOS.

The new, updated version of Geometry Dash for iOS allows you to enjoy many more exciting features, such as:

  • New, exciting levels have been made for you to play more on geometry dash for iOS
  • You can now send messages between friends on the game geometry dash for iOS
  • New leader board system allows you to play against other players and show off all your high scores
  • Try and beat your own high scores as you go through more and more challenging levels on the game
  • New rewards and achievements can be unlocked on geometry dash for iOS
  • New quests which can be solved daily
  • The level editor allows you to edit and create your own levels, obstacles and challenges. Face your fears as you beat the high scores on your own created levels, and share them with your friends. See if your friends can beat your level and surpass your high scores.
  • A new spider game mode has been released on the newest updated version of geometry dash for iOS
  • New art and graphics give your favourite game geometry dash a whole new feeling. Experience the world class graphics on all of your iOS devices as you beat more challenges on Geometry Dash for iOS.

One of the most popular games on the Android and iOS market, you can now enjoy playing Geometry Dash on your iOS devices, your Android mobile phones, tablets, laptops, windows computer and your Mac. Download Geometry Dash today and enjoy the new updates as you go higher and higher on the levels, beating the high scores of players from all over the world. Share your high scores on the leader board and with your friends, and challenge yourself to beat the high scores. Geometry Dash can be downloaded for free over android and windows, but the iOS version is a paid version.