How to Date and Stay Saved

By Kim Brooks
Many singles have the desire to glorify God in their dating relationships, they simply don’t know how. They engage in deeply intimate relationships with others, which only leads to disappointment, heartache and pain, while leaving God totally out of the equation.

In today’s world, is it possible to date someone, fall in love and eventually marry without actually “trying them out” (in the bedroom) beforehand? In other words, is it possible for two Christians to date and stay saved? My answer is emphatically, “Yes!”
4 ways to date and “stay saved.”

1. DATE TO ENCOURAGE DIALOG Dating means collecting data. Instead of focusing on how fine she is, or how he makes you feel, focus on collecting data about the

2. DATE IN PUBLIC Avoid spending so much “alone” time dating at each other’s crib, especially at night. Set a curfew as to when the other person has to leave and stick to it. I don’t care how saved and sanctified you are, two people who are attracted to each other and, on top of that, are both saved create a “chemistry” which may set off fireworks at any given moment. So take a trip to the zoo, museum, or even an amusement park. Give no place to the devil by dating at home, “late in the midnight hour.”

3. SEEK FRIENDSHIP FIRST Many married couples attest that it is their ␣

4. SET BOUNDARIES UP FRONT Tell the person you’re dating up front your limits and boundaries. Set the abstinence expectation before you even begin to seriously date. Ladies, tell him that you’re abstinent and that your relationships do not involve sex.
Most times, this statement will either scare the counterfeit Christians away or make
the sincere believers stay. Use your testimony, the fact that you’re abstinent now, in spite of your past, as a way to weed out “Boaz” from “Bozo.”