How to Make Your Ministry\’s Website Work by Pam Perry

Your website is your online identity — the branding of everything you do. Here’s the formula for success online:


1. STUDIES SHOW THAT BLOGS increase average time spent on a site by 60%. “Spiders” crawl and search the Internet looking for new content (which is the main purpose of a blog). The more blog activity, the higher your site will rank (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) and the more traffic you will garner.

2. GIVE VISITORS A COMPELLING GIFT. People love freebies! Give away a special report, an ebook or audio product (tip: use a database service like Constant Contact or Aweber). Gather more email ad- dresses and communicate more reg- ularly. It\’s a quick, inexpensive way to get people to remember you.

3. ENGAGE IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Add Web 2.0 (web applications that facilitate interactive informa- tion sharing, interoperability, user- centered design and collaboration) to your online marketing mix. Connect with people via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to pull in more SEO power. Active, interesting social sites pull people to your main site.

4. ADD A YOUTUBE VIDEO. After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. Post a welcome video to add a “personal touch.” Websites that contain video get higher click-throughs and con- version rates. A meaningful, relevant video will add enjoyment, encourage action, and develop loyal fans.
Having an optimized website is more than just a good marketing piece. It\’s a critical component to help you identify qualified candidates and increase traffic.



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