Up Close & Personal with Mary Mary

(Tina) I think, more than ever, I realized how many people are watching us define God!

The sister duo has successfully branded themselves inside and outside of the Gos- pel music arena. Their song, “God in Me” has certainly made its mark on the mainstream, but also gobbled up awards at this year\’s Stellar, Grammy and American Music awards ceremonies.

And now, another rung on the ladder of success is their newly released book, “Be U” which resulted from a discussion regarding new business ventures
and brand expansion. (Erica) “The book was motivated by what we perceived to be a
need out there for self-esteem, encouragement and affirmation. We felt that there were people who needed to hear from someone who had been where they are; someone who would share and be transparent.
“In the book, we talk about a lot of the issues that we\’ve had and how God has helped us to overcome them.
(Tina) “Everybody has greatness in them, and everybody has a starting point. God has made us all great and there\’s no one greater than the next. We all have the potential to have a great life and make a great impact. That\’s basically what the book is about—how you get through life and get to that place of becoming your greatest self. You have to be intentional, be strong and be U!
(Tina) “For a lot of young women, when it comes to their view of themselves and even their search for love, that foundation is supposed to come from home; but the truth of the matter is that a lot of young people aren\’t getting the right foundation at home, (Erica) and we\’re not trying to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but God has called us and given us a platform to use to be able to be role models.

“We\’re not perfect people but we\’re striving for perfection and we\’re not allowing the world to define us. When young people see people like us who can defy some of the negative images that they see in the media, hopefully, we\’re able to make an impact. That\’s why we did the book, the clothing line and the television show and all the things we\’re doing.
“The larger our platform, the more we\’re able to help others. We\’re not perfect but we\’re committed to living a holy life; if we fall down, we get back up. I think if people see images like [us]—people who
are fun, who are current, who are relevant and beautiful— naturally and spiritually—we can have an impact. We want to direct people\’s eyes and hearts to God.”

Simon & Schuster Paperback 160 pages | $14.99



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