Family Reunion or Family Feud?

Surely this sentiment has been expressed or imagined by many while attending a family reunion. In theory, reunions are supposed to be opportunities to share wonderful moments; make memories, and reconnect with family members you\’ve not seen in years or didn\’t know existed; and have a great time with people you are connected to while enjoying new locations. That\’s the theory. However, too often, it\’s not the practice. In some cases, counseling is needed after attending a family reunion because of the trauma from the event.
Family reunions can get ugly and even dangerous. They can stir up old rivalries, open wounds from past squirmishes, or become de facto arbitration sessions trying to settle or justify who is getting what from the estate of deceased family members.
Believers are particularly conflicted because, in many cases, fam- ily reunion activities challenge their belief systems and moral standards; and can actually alienate them from others—even when they don\’t flaunt their religion.

Even dating is more problematic today because it is increasingly possible that a person could be romantically interested in someone who is, in fact, his or her brother or sister.

If you haven\’t attended your family reunion in a while, do so. If none are planned, start one. When love triumphs in family reunions, the benefits will reach future generations.

Family Reunions:
1. Help reaffirm the importance of family;
2. Present the opportunity to solve long-standing problems and heal old wounds.
3. Are an opportunity to put the love of Christ on display.


The concept of “family” is in the midst of a major metamorphosis with alarming and tragic potential due to the following:
1. The growing popularity of same sex marriages and families headed by same sex partners,
2. The dramatic increase in single parent homes; and,
3. The rampant explosion of promiscuous sexual activity.

At FAMILYREUNION.COM, you can find a bevy of activities to make your next reunion unforgettable! Here are a few we liked:

1. Tell Stories
Sit around in a group and tell stories (preferably embarrassing) about each other. The best story win a prize! Kids always love to hear grandpa and grandma tell stories about their parents (you know why kids and grandparents get along so well). And don\’t forget to ask the kids to tell storie about their parents—at least the ones that are “fit for public consumption!”

2. Photos & Memorabilia
Create an attractive display of old photographs and family paraphernalia. Ask everyone to bring something to display. Set aside a table for “missing persons”— pictures of ancestors whom you can\’t identify. Maybe someone else will recognize them.

3. Have a Family Talent Show
You would probably be surprised at the talents of your various family members. Make sure you tell everyone about this in advance, in case they need to bring something with them (like their violin, juggling balls, or blowtorch). Give certificates or awards for the various categories.




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