Portrait of an Overcomer

Thirty-year-old Tamika Catchings is an Overcomer! She was born with a hearing deficiency in both ears. Because she couldn\’t hear well, she developed a speech impediment. As a result her of disabilities, she was teased and bullied by classmates.

One day, while in the second grade, after having a particularly difficult dayl, Tamika took her hearing aids out and threw them away on the way home. To teach their daughter a lesson about the value of money, Tamika\’s parents opted not to replace her hearing aids. So she learned how to read lips—a gift that has continued to help her today. Tamika started playing sports at an early age, and she was a natural athlete. As she grew and excelled in sports, she also grew in her faith, realizing that her ability to play ball was a gift from God.
Her faith in God also helped her to keep her increasing fame on the court in perspective, as well as help her deal with the obstacles from her hearing and speech disabilities.

This fall, Tamika will represent Team USA at the World Games in the Czech Republic; and she has already been named to the USA Women\’s Basketball Olympic team (2012).