Dr. Dexter Easley Prayer Unplugged: A Different Demonstration

Last year, Dr. Dexter Easley, senior pastor of New Life Christian Church in Goose Creek, S.C., began presenting Prayer Unplugged! “revivals,” around the country, to empower local churches for growth and impact. Easley, who has been in ministry for 27 years, feels that the global church is missing a reverence for and understanding of the power of prayer.

“The Bible says, ‘men should always pray\’,” stated Easley. “We understand that during times of prayer, revivals breakout. Prayer Un- plugged! is a dynamic way of teaching people how prayer operates; how intercession works, and how to establish an intercessory prayer team in the local church.

“First, pray the Word of God; because in the Word of God there is power. Scripture teaches that our words have power.

Second, pray anytime and anywhere. Paul\’s command in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 is to “pray without ceasing.”

“Third, you need a disciplined faith. We must also discipline our bodies. We have to wake up and prepare to pray. We have to get the Bible out; get our worship time in; and be consistent. When the woman went before the unjust judge, she was consistent. (Luke 18:9-14) Consistency means that even if I don\’t see the results, I\’m not going to stop praying. Mental discipline is im- portant. Romans 12:2 says that our minds must be renewed. When the enemy comes in to attack my prayer life and steal the Word, I must be mentally disciplined to stand fast and not move from what God has said.

“The unique thing about “Prayer Unplugged!” is that we are literally seeing miracles! People are experiencing God like never before. God is redefining people\’s lives. We\’re not just teaching, we\’re having revival! People are see- ing how easy it is to get into the presence of God—all they have to do is humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways—to see the power of God.

“We\’re seeing families coming back together and lives being changed—this is a phenomenon! “A lot of people think that they\’re just coming to another seminar or church service, but Prayer Unplugged! is literally changing lives. There is an element of prayer that can be taught, but there is another dimension that has to be ‘caught.\’ People are catching it, and it\’s literally igniting within them.
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