Back To School

By L. Trenton Marsh
Summer is winding down and it\’s time to transition back to academics. You either maximized the summer season, or it maximized you! Regardless, you have a new school season in front of you; and since proper preparation prevents poor performance, please allow me to share three pieces of advice that you won\’t necessarily get from a classroom.

1. Define yourself. ‘Define\’ means “to set forth the meaning,” and “to fix or mark the limits of.” So, definition of self means that YOU set forth the mean- ing of YOU; and YOU fix or mark the limits of YOU. So, think and dream big! Stop limiting yourself. YOU are your own leader and YOU DEFINE YOU.

The power to define is the power to fulfill, and if one\’s purpose is in flux, potential will never be fully realized. These barriers can define you if you allow them to:

Do you have persons in your family whose educational & cultural experiences may be different from yours? Regardless of your history: you define you.

Do you hear negative numbers and percentages that are meant to describe you because you “fit a certain societal mold?” Statistics don’t dictate your potential. Remember: You define you.

Do you hang with the right crowd? My pastor, Dr. Mike Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Center says, “Hang with those who have your answer, and get away from those who have your problem.” Your friends should have high expectations for you, sometimes high expectations for themselves and for you.

2. Keep getting up. Do you position yourself to be promoted—both publicly and privately! Don\’t get discouraged because you don\’t understand something; trust the process. Developing a strong work ethic.

3. Be active not idle. Idle means “habitually doing nothing; lazy…” Do you spend unstructured time of unspecified du- rations that are unsupervised? That\’s when all hell can break loose. Time is a precious com- modity you can\’t get back. Check out these verses about maximizing your time this academic year and beyond: Ecclesiastes 3:1; Ecclesiastes 12:1; Galatians 6:7,8; Ephesians 5:16.

Everyone has good advice for great performance in school! Share with Gospel Today some of your helpful tips for students who are serious about success! Your comments could change somebody’s life! Comment below.