Are You Doin\’ It?

by Delisha Easley
I\’m 27 and a virgin. It definitely hasn\’t been easy. But I made an educated and logical decision to remain a virgin with my “whole” person. From a medical standpoint, virginity simply means remaining pure—not just abstaining from sex but also from alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. A virgin does not have to be some outdated or overly religious person. He or she is simply someone who has chosen to be pure.

Some say, ‘Anything is O.K., as long as it\’s practiced with moderation.\’ But, a lot of people have learned the hard way—one time is all you need to become infected.

An article entitled “Sexual Abstinence” confirmed, “Many young people are saying no to sex before marriage.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the number one way to avoid STDs is to remain abstinent.

You may be thinking, “How do people actually live like that in 2010?!” The answer is: Get back to the basics! The primary way to remain pure with your “whole person” is to “flee from” (avoid) all drinking, drugging, and sexual involvement!

I never thought I would get to the age of 27 and be able to stay “pure” in all these areas; but God has kept me, and I have kept me!
I have faced the same “peer pressure” as others, but have chosen to overcome through the Word of God (Psalms 119:9-11). No matter what you\’ve done in your past, the blood of Jesus Christ redeems, and it\’s never too late to make a decision for a new beginning. So, join me and the many others who are making this stand for “whole person” purity…Lot\’s of people are doing it!

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