Can Your Marriage Be Mended After An Affair?

Statistics confirm that infidelity is the second leading cause of divorce (following money issues).

Infidelity is the betrayal of the vow to “forsake all others, [and] keep [yourself] only unto [your spouse] for as long as you both shall live.”

Many times, we whisper about the illicit affairs of others, especially if they are Christians; but in the case of Christian artist, Da\’ T.R.U.T.H (Emanuel Lambert), who admitted that he broke covenant with his wife, Nicole; the couple fought to put their marriage back together and won! Recently, after much prayer and counseling, they reunited and renewed their marriage vows.

Da Truth

“My desire,” stated Lambert, “is that we would be a picture of hope, love, forgiveness and reconciliation for singles and married couples alike and evidence that Christ truly is the remedy for broken relationships.”

Is infidelity unforgivable? Should Christians handle infidelity differently than non-Christians?

Anger, depression, deceit, and mistrust can become overwhelming and keep you from considering alternatives—like whole, healthy, Godly restored relationships.

Here are steps that promote healing and can mend a marriage after an affair:

* Be accountable to God first, and then your spouse. Take responsibility for your actions; apologize and repent. End the affair, and stop all interaction or communication with that person.

* Be honest with God first, yourself and then your spouse. No one needs to hear all the intricate details, however you must be willing to talk about what led to the infidelity (e.g., feelings of low self-esteem, neglect, needing to feel affirmed and cared for by another, etc.). If the truth is not shared, the other person will be left to guess and wonder.

* Take your time; consider the whole picture. It may take time to sort out what\’s happened, but consider the other parties that will be devastated if your marriage ends— your children, in-laws, friends and church members. Restoring your marriage will take time, energy and commitment.

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Have you and your spouse been through the horror of infidelity? Is there trust after the truth comes out? Is it possible to forgive and love again after your partner has been a part of an illicit affair outside of your marriage covenant? Some say it’s possible to stay together, others say no! How do you feel?