Connected on Purpose…For Purpose!

By Teresa Hairston

Bishop T.D. Jakes Proliferates Potter\’s House brand and Logo with Pastor Sheryl Brady

Pastor Sheryl Brady

On Sunday, April 11th, Pastor Sheryl Brady took a bold new step in ministry with the launch of Potter\’s House— North in Allen, TX. The ministry marks the fourth extension of the “Potter\’s House”—with the logo and brand founded by Bishop T. D. Jakes. The other three locations include the “mother church” location in Dallas; Ft. Worth, TX (Pastor Derick Faison); and Denver, CO (Pastor Chris Hill).

“We recognize that our parishioners come from various geographical locations,” said Bishop Jakes. “In the economy that we face today, we want to be able to service people more effectively. Having satellite locations that are more conducive for travel needs and convenience is a part of serving our community.”

With news of these new launches, many have speculated as to whether Bishop Jakes is creating a Potter\’s House “franchise”, with pastors who concur with his philosophy and receive his stamp of approval. To that, Bishop Jakes is quick to answer with a resounding, “NO!” Absolutely, Not!” He says. “It\’s not a franchise.” The key is relationship. “Many times, I think we\’re trying to grow [ministries] numerically, but we aren\’t growing inter-relationally,” explains Bishop Jakes. “You can try to grow with people who are not related to the vision of the house, and as a result, the church becomes more political than powerful. I\’ve tried to avoid the political quagmires that I see happening so often in churches today by building relationships with people—like Elijah did with Elisha, and like Paul did with Timothy.

“I want to grow with people who are really connected with the vision and the focus of our ministry. It\’s been a process, because you have to ‘weed out\’ so many people who are interested in opportunity rather than in real relationship. Bishop and Pastor Brady have shown something different. They\’ve ship or used it; they\’ve only chosen to see the relation- ship as a resource. That\’s very rewarding to me.”
Pastor Sheryl Brady, the new pastor of Potter\’s House-North, is one of the most highly respected evangelists in the urban Christian community. Her powerful preaching ability has endeared her to audiences from TBN to Word Network.
Ironically, she spent most of her ministry career in the choir stand as op- posed to the pulpit—as a psalmist and worshipper. Her husband, Bishop Jobie Brady was a powerhouse preacher, and the two would conduct revivals nationwide, up until nearly a decade ago, when she says, “Bishop Jakes woke up the preacher in me,” and she took the step into the preaching ministry a step fully supported by her husband.

As Gospel Today caught up with Pastor Brady, she was in the midst of moving from Durham, NC to Allen, TX, which was no small feat. “I\’m not only a Pas- tor, I\’m a wife, mother and a grandmother!” Even so, she graciously paused to speak about this new step of purpose.

“Bishop Jakes and I go back many, many years,” Pastor Brady confirmed. “We\’ve probably been part of his ministry for about 19 years, since he was in West Virginia. Then, we moved to Dallas with him when he first came and stayed about two years, then went back to Durham (NC) about 11 years ago, and started The River. He\’s been my father in the Gospel and I\’ve stayed connected with him.”

“Several months ago,” explained Pastor Brady, “Bishop Jakes called me and said, “Sheryl, I want you to pray about coming home; I\’d like to launch a Potter\’s House North in the Northern Dallas Community (The Allen, TX location is about a 45-minute drive from the mother church in Dallas).”

“So I prayed about it; and sometimes you pray and wait for all kinds of signs, but all I could hear was Bishop Jakes\’ voice—and the Lord got behind those decisions. Now we\’re here (services are currently being held at the Allen Event Center).” (Read more next week here at