How Healthy Is Your Colon?

I\’m taking some editorial liberties here and changing the old adage, “you are what you eat” to “you are what you don\’t eliminate.” Retention of food waste and toxins is the catalyst of sickness and disease.

Reportedly, the autopsy of the famous actor, John Wayne, revealed 20-40 pounds of undigested matter in his colon. Not only did this probably contribute to his untimely death, it certainly impacted his health, quality of life and appearance.
When food is properly digested, assimilated and eliminated, you won\’t carry around 20 to 40 lbs. of undigested matter; which means better overall health and fitness and good news for your scale!

Most of us think that when trash is thrown into a trashcan it remains there until it is emptied; this is only partially true. Food decomposes and ferments when exposed to certain conditions; like those that exist in the stomach and colon. These conditions are ideal for bacteria, mold and fungi growth. When foods “spoil” they begin to give off a foul odor and attract bugs (parasites). It\’s the same process inside the body; when food is not properly digested and eliminated you experience bad breath and under arm odor. In order to help your body eliminate toxins, regular bowel movements are necessary. Here are some suggestions to assist:

Squat for Strength
This exercise will help: • Strengthen the colon and abdominal muscles; • prevent hernias and hemorrhoids; • maintain the functionality of the colon; • rid thighs of cellulite.

1. Stand with your shoulder about feet width apart and slightly in front of you. You should feel as if you are going to fall backwards.

2. Stand erect. Pretend you\’re trying to balance a book on your head.

3. Bend at the waist and extend your buttocks back as if sitting in a chair.

4. Continue bending until your thighs are parallel to the floor. At this point make sure your body weight is projected down toward the heels of your feet. In fact, slightly curl your toes upward to shift weight to the heels of your feet.

5. Hold this position for a minute or so while doing a few deep-breathing exercises

Add More Cabbage to Your Diet
Did you know that eating cabbage once a week can reduce the likelihood of colon cancer?

Cabbage feeds the friendly bacteria in the colon to assist in purging harmful toxins and bacteria while creating bulk bowel elimination. Raw or juiced cabbage is particularly potent and has anti- viral and antibacterial qualities. Cabbage is thought to speed up the metabolism of estrogen in women and may provide protection against cancer of the breast and uterus. It is also a valuable source of vitamins C and E, beta carotene, folate, potassium, thiamine, and fiber.

Drink More Water
Adequate intake of water daily will assist in purging. At a minimum you should consume half your body weight in ounces daily. For example, a 200-pound person needs a mini- mum of 100 ounces of water daily.

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