What EVERY Father Should Tell His Daughter

Dear God\’s daughters,

Garrison Keillor once said, “Beauty isn\’t worth thinking about; what\’s important is your mind. You don\’t want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head.” That isn\’t to say that one shouldn\’t take pride in his/her appearance. I think we should all take pride in our appearance, but my heart is grieved when I see or hear about young women that have been deceived into thinking their most valuable asset lays between their legs. Unfortunately, the film and music industries (to some degree) have convinced many of my fellow XY chromosome carriers that a relationship should begin at your vagina, that the more you show the more attractive you are and (in some cases) that your life is somehow less exciting if you\’re short on bedroom tales. Men are on vagina overload. It\’s in the shows we watch, it\’s in the music we listen to and it\’s always one click away on the internet. As a result, while the presence of your lady garden in mainstream society has steadily increased, its value in the hearts and minds of young men and women has decreased, and it shouldn\’t be that way. Basically, what I\’m trying to say is: there is SO much more to you than your vagina! Whether you\’ve been rejected by someone because you wouldn\’t give them access to your lady garden, or if you\’ve been mocked, ridiculed or made to feel unpopular because you decided to abstain from having sex, the essence of who you are, the beauty of your inner-being, your value and your worth is NOT located below your waist!

Your lady garden can\’t earn a law degree. It can\’t write a best-selling novel. It can\’t start a business. Okay, maybe not a legal business. ☺ These are all outcomes of the unlimited potential of your mind and the desires of your heart. Your mind is filled with wisdom, ideas, thoughts and opinions that all have the power to make a profound and lasting impact on the people you meet, the community you live in and the world around you. Deep within your heart lay passions, desires, beliefs and ideals that have been shaped and formed by your many life experiences, both positive and negative. Together the two, coupled with your lady garden, form the wonderful creation that is [insert your name here]. There is more to you than you realize.

Please don\’t misunderstand me; my intent is not to lessen the value of your lady garden, but rather, to put it in its proper perspective. I believe your lady garden is the most precious of gems, a pearl that should never be exchanged for a nice pair of shoes, a nice meal in a fine restaurant or a weekend getaway to the most exquisite tropical destination. I believe your lady garden is a vault whose contents are too precious to be put on display for random passers-by whispering sweet nothings and offering empty promises. Opportunists trying to purchase (at a discount) what was deemed priceless before you were ever born. It\’s a treasure chest whose lock has been carefully crafted and patterned after the shape of your heart. Your lady garden is a treasure that ought to be cherished, guarded and most importantly, respected. Anything less would be and should be unacceptable.

I said all of that to simply say, your lady garden is NOT who you are. It is merely a part of who you are. There are those out there who would like for you to think your body can do for you what your mind cannot do. Or that your most valuable “asset” is located between your legs. To call that a lie would be a grave understatement. The treasure between your legs will forever pale in comparison to the treasure between your ears. Regardless of what you\’ve done, or what\’s been done to you, you are the apple of your Heavenly Father\’s eye. I believe it, and I hope you do too.

Looking at the treasure within,

Mike P.