Tips for the College Graduate

As many of you (or maybe your son or daughter) graduate in the next few weeks and embark on a new life, remember that all your dreams are at arms length. The economy, people, family, friends might tell you one thing but following your dream will be the best thing to do. Here are a few tips to take as you set sail.

Update Your Resume: One of the worst things not to have at this point is a current, clean and professional resume. Most interviews after college are formatted in the style of behavioral and situational questions. Your future employer wants to see how your personal or collegiate experiences can be applied to daily task on the job. Knowing your resume inside and out and being prepared with examples for each item on your resume are highly suggested.

Got Loans: Every graduate breath a sigh of relief when you find out that most loans are deferred for six months after graduation. For those of you that have jobs upon graduation began paying yourself. If your loans are expected to be $400/month save that amount monthly in the bank. This will ensure that you are not caught off guard in November and it will establish a habit of paying your debt. Lastly, should you ever face tough time you will have $2400 to cover your loans to prevent default and severe interest penalties.

Keep in Contact: Keeping contact with college friends is a must; you will be able to share experiences and help each other through the transition. This keeps communication open and can help if you lose or need a job. Also keep constant dialogue with professors as they can help with reference letters, recommendations and possible employment opportunities.

Explore more education: I know many are tired of school after 4 or 5 years of undergrad, but take a brief break and get back to it. From personal experience its best just to keep going, don\’t stop, and get ahead as early as you can!

Dream Realistically: Dreaming and hoping is the cornerstone of any graduate. But be sure your dreams are in a scope of reality. The chance of you becoming CEO in five years with a bachelor degree is quite lofty. Be sure to plan reasonable and push toward your dream. It is said that “Rome wasn\’t built in a day” and your career won\’t be either.

I hope these five tips help you on your journey to the real world. The transition can be easy if you have a plan and a few back up plans. Don\’t get discouraged when things don\’t work out the first time. Stay focused and remember that your greatness lies within your Authority to be great.

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