How to Pursue Your Purpose!
7 Principles to Help Unleash the Power of God in Your Life…

—Dr. Samuel R. Chand writes:
“I have lived long enough to experience the very reverse of that plot—even when I thought I had it going on! Only to discover the opposite.

“Teresa Hairston\’s story is not to be mistaken with Cinderella. Her story is captured in the title of this book—How to Pursue Your Purpose.

“All of us are born with purpose—not all of us pursue purpose. It is the “how” of your pursuit that determines whether you walk into and fulfill your purpose.

As this book unfolds you will discover a number of principles: The pursuit of purpose usually begins at the lowest time in your life. Just when you feel you have no purpose and people around you affirm the same there is an ignition switch which can begin this pursuit.

On your journey, there will be places when you feel you have arrived—don\’t get lulled—keep pursuing.Your pursuit will require full engagement from the “total” you—there is no such thing as half-hearted pursuit.

Your pursuit will only be fully consummated when He welcomes us with “…well done…”.

I have found it is easier to find purpose and harder to pursue purpose. Teresa Hairston shows you, in a very engaging and pragmatic way, how to do both.

Are you ready to pursue your purpose? Get this book…Then, Go…pursue!