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For more than 25 years, Gospel Today readers like you have made Gospel Today a trusted resource for inspiration, education, information, and empowerment. After more than two decades in print, Gospel Today continues to serve readers through our digital platform and we invite you to join us in asking and answering the ageless question: How do we live out the Gospel today?

If you’ve made the transition with us from print to digital, we are most grateful. If you’re new to Gospel Today altogether, we welcome you with open arms as well!


Our Purpose

To help people live out the Gospel today

Our Identity

  • Gospel-centered: The Good News about Jesus as revealed in Scripture informs our lives.
  • Urban-conscious: We relate to and feel called to serve the Urban Christian community.

Our Mission

To provide a place for the Gospel Today Community to create, share via social media, and engage in meaningful discussions on relevant issues from a Christian worldview.

Our Ideal Reader

A person who loves Gospel Today wants more from their life than they’ve seen in their context and they believe that God, through the principles of Scripture, has provided a roadmap to a more satisfying life than what culture or religion offers. The Gospel Today enthusiast is an outsider in their context—though they live, love, and serve with people whom they love and are committed to, they also acknowledge a deep gnawing for a different conversation; one that is filled with meaning and possibility; one that is relevant to today and inline with their core identity as a Christ-follower.


All of the columnist, contributor, and guest writer pieces fall into one of the below sub-categories.


  • Dear Young Leaders by Pastor Chris Hill
  • Kingdom Culture by Dr. Samuel Rodriguez
  • The Walk of Faith with Mike Winans Jr.
  • Prayer Connect by Dexter Sullivan
  • Flat Out TV by Willie Moore Jr.
  • The Walk: Topics affecting personal walk as a Christian, sharpening, growing, maturing, etc.
  • Church: Issues affecting local churches and universal Church.
  • Leaders: Leadership development, news related to pastors and leaders.


  • Career: Business, entrepreneurship, productivity, and success.
  • Health: Physical and mental health, fitness, and nutrition.
  • Relationships: Marriages, singlehood, children, dating, friendships, and families.


  • Financially Fit with Marquay Baul
  • Activate Your Wealth! by LaShawne Holland
  • Money Matters: Financial stewardship.

Lifestyle & Women’s Interests

  • The Hostess List by Desiree M. Mondesir
  • The Imperfect Balance by LaKeisha S. Fleming
  • The Filling Station by Lauren Jones
  • Eye on Style by Rochelle Johnson
  • Shower Me Chic by Melinda Watts
  • The Diary of a Travel Diva by Karissa Johnson
  • Ask Coach Collins by Bridgette L. Collins
  • Temple Takeover by Rashad Sanders


  • Music: Music, artists, and events.
  • Film/TV: Films, TV shows, and media.
  • Books: Books impacting culture.
  • Technology: Technological advances, trends, etc.


  • News: Top news items, especially those impacting Christians.
  • Politics: Political hot topics.
  • Global: Current events.


  • First Things First by Roland Hairston
  • Godly Government by Desiree M. Mondesir
  • Real Talk with Pastor Tim by Pastor Tim Timberlake

For a full list of our writers, please visit our Contributors Page.


If you are new to Gospel Today, you might want to start with our most popular posts. Here are our top three in each category:


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  1. What Do You Do When You Don’t Have a Mentor (Pastor Chris Hill)
  2. The Mis-Education of the Young Leader (Pastor Chris Hill)
  3. Mya Huff: From Homosexuality to Christ (Mya Huff)


  1. Get Ready for an Avalanche of Blessing! (Jevonnah Ellison)
  2. Incognito No More (Paul Wilson Jr.)
  3. Can You Do It Standing Up? Avoiding Premarital Sex (Kenny Pugh)


  1. When Blessing You Is Cursing My Wallet! (LaShawne Holland)
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Lifestyle & Women’s Interests

  1. Fall into Fashion (Rochelle Johnson)
  2. Sharing More Than Sushi (Karissa Johnson)
  3. Carb Nation (Rashad Sanders)


  1. Would the Real Church in Houston Please Stand Up?? (Desiree M. Mondesir)
  2. 20 Quotes from ‘Phenomenal Woman,’ Maya Angelou (Desiree M. Mondesir)
  3. The Big 3: Jezebel’s Agenda & Defining Our Faith in the 21st Century (Desiree M. Mondesir)


  1. 4 Reasons Your Church Should Be Able to Kick Your Pastor Out (Roland Hairston)
  2. Life Lessons on Love (Pastor Tim Timberlake)
  3. What’s Your Perspective (Tim Timberlake)

*Our Top Posts are updated on a weekly basis.

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